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An Oasis of Local Journalism and Commentary in the Desert

1912 is Arizona’s premier political newsletter, providing its readers with in-depth coverage of the state’s political happenings and informed analysis and commentary from elected officials, subject matter experts, and our own experienced analysts.

We fill gaps in coverage at the State Capitol and across Arizona, offering a unique blend of straight news and analysis

More than a simple newsletter, we are bringing together people who are dedicated to the ethos of the American West, and the presence of a distinctly Western voice in the national media ecosystem. A voice defined by Arizona and the West’s independent spirit; committed to reporting the facts as they are and addressing the contemporary issues we confront.

Due to the nature of frontier life, no strong media institutions were planted in the early West which could reasonably rival the larger papers that occupied the bustling coasts on either side of the nation. Today, Arizona and the Southwest have far more resources, people, and infrastructure, and they are still imbued by the spirit of the West. We are the most dynamic region of the nation in the 21st century, yielding enormous agricultural outputs, producing next generation semiconductors at-scale, building interplanetary rockets, and welcoming inbound migrants from New York to New Delhi.

This surge in population and resources provides Arizona and the West an opportunity to forge a real and independent national voice.

Defined by the same attitude that inspired pioneers to go west, American Indians to build civilizations and thrive despite hardship, and Latinos to cohabitate with their westward neighbors, the time is now for the West to project its voice. This is the future of American journalism – and it may just be the future of America.

Why Read 1912?

In-Depth Local and Regional Coverage: We believe in the power of local journalism. Our focus is on stories that matter to Arizonans and the Southwest, covering everything from water rights and energy policy to wacky politics and community events. Our Weekly Round-Ups are the only resource that provides a comprehensive account of Arizona’s political happenings in one place.

Engaged and Informed Citizenry: We are committed to empowering our readers. By providing thorough and nuanced reporting, we aim to encourage active citizenship and community involvement, whether it’s through volunteering, participating in local governance, or simply staying informed.

Building Community: Our publication serves as a hub for Arizonans and Westerners to connect over shared interests and concerns. We’re more than reporters; we’re community builders.

Restoring the Fabric of Local Media: With the decline of local newspapers, we are stepping in to knit communities back together. Our nonprofit model is designed to serve the public interest, ensuring that our focus remains on delivering quality journalism.

Our Commitment to Quality: We uphold the highest journalistic standards, offering well-researched, accurate reporting and fact-checked opinion columns. Our goal is to be your trusted source for news and analysis that resonates with the unique character of the West.

A Phoenix Rising From the Ashes

1912 was born from the challenges and triumphs of the Western Tribune. After facing a devastating cyberattack in January 2023, we saw an opportunity to rise from the ashes, stronger and more focused than ever. Our name, 1912, is a nod to the year Arizona became a state, symbolizing resilience and new beginnings.

Join Our Community: We invite you to be part of 1912. Subscribe to our newsletter, engage with our stories, and become an active participant in the ongoing story that is Arizona and the American West. 

Join us as we navigate the next frontier of journalism.

1912 is a publication of the Western Tribune, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit news media company.

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Navigating the next frontier of journalism.
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